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Consulting on foreign economic activity

Specialists of our company have a serious experience of practical work in the field of foreign economic activity in relation to goods for various purposes, including in the field of export control.

Standard analysis of the procedure for performing the foreign economic transaction occurs from the beginning of planning the cooperation with the prospective partner until the moment the goods are transferred to the end user, as well as fulfillment of the guarantee obligations (if it necessary).

The main issues arising in the implementation of cooperation with partners:

  • preliminary analysis of the type of foreign economic transaction;
  • calculation and preparation of a commercial offer;
  • preparation of draft contracts / contracts for a specific foreign economic operation;
  • the implementation of the identification of goods in their relation to goods that are or are not subject to export control;
  • preparation of documents for the registration of an enterprise in the State Service for Export Control of Ukraine as a subject of international transfers of goods;
  • preparation of documents for obtaining permits in the State Export Control Service of Ukraine for export / import, temporary export / temporary import of goods that are subject to export control;
  • preparation of documents for the implementation of customs procedures with goods;
  • delivery of goods.

It is also possible to conduct separate corporate trainings on the subject you are interested in, related to foreign economic activity.

If you have any questions regarding export, import of goods, including temporary import / export and transit, please contact us.