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About Company

    The “AVIATION SPACE SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES” Company was established on December, 4, 2015, supported by experts of mechanical engineering and special export.

      The Company’s main frames of reference are:

     - accomplishing research and construction tasks on experimental design models; production of advanced and up-to-date aerospace systems and technologies alongside leader companies of this industry;

     - technical testing and research in area of biotechnological creation, cargo and passenger air transport, space transportation units;

     - technical activity in the area of wireless and satellite communication, as well as operating scientifically and technically in various areas;

     - preliminary expert identification of supplies and its purpose in State Export Control;

     - conducting internal and external export/import operations, that concern merchandise purveyance, organizing customs and shipment services, consulting on questions that concern current legislature.

    Our Company has respectful partnership with enterprises and organizations within and throughout Ukraine. It is always open to constructive dialog and is interested in development of existing and establishing new directions of cooperation.